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A small, battered book.

property of Vorrick Longshadow

Vorrick Longshadow
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  • vorrick@livejournal.com
{ This is an in-character journal for Vorrick on Wyrmrest Accord. I no longer play in-game, but I still play the character. }

The thoughts and opinions expressed herein do not represent my ooc thoughts and opinions, unless they are specifically marked as such.

Posts by Vorrick will likely contain immature amounts of swearing, and references to pretend drug use. For example, bloodthistle use might be mentiond, heroin will not.

Almost all entires are cut. Those containing potentially triggery or otherwise objectionable things not specified above will be marked as such, as will any posts NSFW due to violence or sexual content.

This journal will also occasionally be used for my other alts, listed here.

My goblins can be found at smallgear.

If you ever need to contact me ooc, about anything at all, feel free! I don't bite. :)
Please use the message system here, in-game mail, or the twitter PM system, unless I already have you on AIM/etc.

My personal journal is vswest. It's friends-locked.